After installation

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📌 This guide will help you to end the configuration of your node and backup important files.

Congratulation 🎉

As your node is now installed there is one more step remaining to join the mining community. Head to [1]( and enter the IP address of your node, press "Submit" A box should appear specifying the wallet address you need to pay the "Generation id fee". Those fee are required by the network since March 2021 in order to protect it from attacks.

Go to your mainnet wallet and pay those fees in order for your node to start. You will need to pay only once per node those fee.

⚠️ It is not possible to use the same wallet on multiple node.

As you have pay this fee it is also important for you to backup your node wallet information in order to be able to re-install your node in case of problems. There are 2 important files to save




Your wallet information files are locate in your nkn-node directory. You can reach this directory using the following command after connecting to your node

cd "$(find / -type d -name "nkn-node" 2>/dev/null)"

Use the nano editor to open the file and save their content

nano wallet.json

nano wallet.pswd


The wallet files are available in the install directory. Duplicate the files and save them on another disk/computer

File example





Generation fee paid?

Head to and check your node status, if everything goes well within a few minutes you should see your node starting to synchronize with the network!

The sync can take up to several hours / days regarding your node configuration. Find above a list of your node possible message and their meaning!

NKN Node status
ERROR Your node isn't started yet. See the error code table above for more informations
WAIT_FOR_SYNCING Your node is started but needs to sync with the network.
SYNC_STARTED Your node is started and is now syncing with the network, this sync can take up to multiple days regarding your disk, network, ...
SYNC_FINISHED Your node is started and have finished to sync with the network
PERSIST_FINISHED Your node is working and relaying messages in the network, it's mining.
NKN Node error codes
Error code
45022 Generation fee required to start node
45023 ID generation in progress
45024 Database unavailable (most of the time means database optimization or your node running out of space)