Install your NKN node using auto deployment methods

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📌 This guide will help you to configure and start a NKN Linux node without any knowledge about SSH and those geek stuffs.

Even of you're not a geek you can still participate in the network using "pre-installed image" in one of the VPS provider listed here. Even if those image are "click and deploy" ready we really recommend you to understand what you're doing before starting this journey.


NKN provide its community with "One-Click to build a New Kind of Network node" available on DigitalOcean.

Choose the standard $5/mo option, it's far enough for a full node.

Under “Select additional options” select the box next to the “User Data” option and enter the following script to use a beneficiary address. A beneficiary address is the wallet address where you would like all of you token rewards to be forwarded. If you do not have a NKN Wallet, you can create a new one by going to


- owner: nkn:nkn
path: /home/nkn/nkn-commercial/config.json

Replace YOUR_EXISTING_NKN_WALLET_ADDRESS in the text above with your NKN wallet address, a string starting with prefix NKN (example: NKNQUttrQxNcY6cT9EmaKBT6ijshV1UZt4x2)

Note: It will take up to a few minutes for the node to be setup. You will see the droplet appear on your DigitalOcean dashboard with a green dot next to it indicating the droplet is active.

Once your node is up visit and enter your node IP address. A message requesting "Generation ID fee" with a wallet address should be displayed.

Don't forget to read our after installation guide to create a backup of your important files.

NKNx FastDeploy

NKNx offer you the ability to "Fastdeploy" nodes on multiple VPS providers such as Vultr, Hezner, ... Visit their website for more informations.

⚠️ NKNx can help you deploy your node but the cost of renting the servers and the generation fees still remain yours.