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📌 This guide is composed of the most common questions asked in the official Discord and forum of NKN.

Why participate?

NKN aims to create a new network where messages routes are generated in a unique way. Participating with a node in the network is allowing more bandwidth, more messages, more applications to be used all over the world in a new kind of way. NKN participate to a more open internet where information is available for the most.

What is "unique" to NKN mining?

NKN doesn't require the miners a huge amount of GPU or CPU to participate. Minimal requirements are so low that it's possible to run a full node on a raspberry Pi 0. The configuration is really easy and the software is stable.   

Is it profitable to participate renting servers?

To simplify it: no.

It can be profitable for you regarding a combination of factors but it would be really hard for you to buy a Lamborghini out of your NKN mining activities. Still, participating the network will allow you to win some rewards that could make you some spare revenues to buy coffees (or tea).  

Is there a revenue calculator? When will I get my rewards?

So far, no accurate one. You can estimate your revenues following different methodology but the reality of the reward system is very variable. The only truth is that, at some point, you will get a reward 🌟

How are attributed the rewards?

The reward system is for most of it a lottery system where every node in "PERSIST_FINISHED" mode can win. Still, there's a few factors helping to determine witch node is "winning" the block such as its latency in the network, the amount of message it's relaying, ... but those factors are impossible to control for a node operator.

The basic math regarding the rewarding system is the following:

  • NKN chain is working at the speed of one block every 20 secs, 4320 blocks per day approx.
  • Let's consider approx. 50,000 nodes in the network
  • 50000/4320 = 11,5, meaning every approx. 11 days your node might get a mining reward of approx. 11 NKN

Now if there is 100.000 nodes ... 100000/4320 = 23 days ... etc

This math is not based on fact but on theory. In the real world the "luck factor" is really important.

To be sure to participate the lottery your node must be:

  • Connected to the network in PERSIST_FINISHED mode
  • Have neighbors with low latency ping
  • Relaying messages
  • Keeping your node online

Other parameters are, for most, fantasy.

What are the relay? Why is it moving up and down? Does I need a high relay/hour to win a block proposal?

Relay messages is the traffic inside the NKN. It can be to connect to a computer using NConnect, someone using Tuna or any software using the NKN network. The amount of relay is variable in time. The relays mostly depends on your node wallet which determined your location in the network chord, some wallet can get more neighbor and more relay, some less. Your network status will effect your priority in the neighbor's list. You don't need a high relay count to win a block proposal still a high amount of relay is a sign that your node is well connected with good neighbors.

How can I participate?

There is multiple ways for you to participate the network. You can either host at home on a raspberry Pi or any low consumption computer, use a free Virtual Private Server (VPS) coupon in one of the multiples provider in the world.

Can I participate if a have a dynamic IP at home?

Yes, NKN doesn't require the node to have a static IP. Still, we recommend you to use a DynDNS host to monitor your host.

What are the basic requirements to start?

  1. A computer with a good internet connection with an IPv4 address, online if possible 24/24 - 7/7
  2. As of March 2021 NKN require a "generation id fee" of 10 NKN mainnet tokens in order to protect the network. There is different way of getting those tokens
  3. 3. A personal NKN mainnet wallet, you can create yours at https://wallet.nkn.org/

Why does I need a personal wallet if my node have a wallet?

By default, token mined by your node will be sent to the wallet your node is using, which is NOT as safe as you might think.

The recommended way is to use another cold wallet (that is saved and backed up well) to store your token.

You can use your code wallet address as BeneficiaryAddr in config.json such that token mined by your node will be sent directly to that beneficiary address.

This is safer and more convenient because:

  1. even if your node is hacked, or your node wallet is leaked, you will not lose any token;
  2. if you run multiple nodes, it's the only way that all their mining rewards will go to the same address.

Are my rewards forwarded from my node wallet to my beneficiary wallet?

No The use of a beneficiary address will not make your rewards being forwarded from a wallet to another. The beneficiary address defined in your configuration will directly receive the fund from the network.

What is a "proposal"?

A proposal is when you node "propose" to sign a block. Sometimes it wins, sometimes not as there are plenty nodes proposing at the same time. The winner will be elected regarding different factor such as for eg the latency... So no a node making a lot of proposal isn't an "employee of the month", we've seen nodes with 2k proposals and ... 0 reward.

Yilun, CTO of NKN describe the proposal as such

You shouldn't rely on proposalSubmitted field, it just shows how many proposals it has submitted, but not how many blocks it actually mined. Most of the times they are the same, but sometimes they could be very different. Use blockchain explorer to see the actual blocks mined.

What is the difference between NKN Node and NKN Commercial ?

NKN Node is an open source software allowing you to participate the NKN network or to build your own network of nodes.

NKN Commercial is a bundle of software including NKN Node but also other software such as Tuna or other.

You can deploy an nkn-node from the github sources but you will need to keep it updated and will get revenues only from block proposal winning.

If you deploy nkn-commercial (from NKNx, All in one or other auto-install scripts) you don't need to update your node. An auto updater is included. You can get revenues from block proposal winning but also "nano transactions" revenues. Those revenues are small and from the usage of your node by users of other software (such as Tuna, nCDN, ... )