Mining NKN with Linux

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📌 This guide will help you to install a NKN node using Linux.


NKN Node tech requirement
Spec Requirement
Operating system Ubuntu is recommended (works perfectly with Debian)
Memory 1GB
Hard Drive Disk 25GB (SSD is recommended)
CPU Most of them works (AMD, ARM, MIPS,...)
Internet connection speed 10Mbps up and down is a minimum
Internet usage The amount of data used per month can be as high as multiple TB per month
IP address 1 IP version 4 (IPv4) is require per node. There is no way (and it would make no sense) to run multiple node on a single IP. IPv6 is not available.
Port forwarding You need to be able to reach the TCP/UDP ports 30001-30021. Optionally the TCP ports 30022-65535 for NKN Commercial services like nConnect. See our page about port forwarding

Before you start

Please be sure to check all the following points

  • [ ]  I have 10.1NKN mainnet tokens (or I'm ready to buy them)
  • [ ]  My server is connected to internet
  • [ ]  I have setup my port forwarding

It's now time to ask yourself an important question